Your Next GPS: Let’s Talk!

Global positioning systems came into existence in the 1970s. It was designed by the United States military to aid in its military operations. However, due to its massive success, non-military applications of the GPS have proved crucial over time with improvements and new designs aimed at offering precise and quality features to a user. There is a widespread application of navigation systems powered by GPS. A motorcycle GPS being one application area where GPS systems have encountered massive innovations over time.

Motorcycle GPS is a portable system which can be used in a bike, a car or finding your way when on foot. Improvements have been made such that Bluetooth enabled systems have been realized. Combining Bluetooth with augmented reality, you can give instructions to your GPS system through audio feed from specialized helmets. Furthermore, the Bluetooth capability facilitates communication with other motorists close by.

When shopping for a motorcycle GPS system that suits you best, it is a challenge settling on a perfect one. A myriad of GPS systems are available on the market with each donning its weaknesses and benefits. However, as a guide to getting one that suits you best, a GPS system should be robust. It has to be functional and should serve you in the best way possible. Motorcycles are characterized by vigorous vibrations, therefore, key design feature to look out for is the design standard. Motorcycles are exposed to elements, a tough frame should be in place to prevent the GPS system from falling off. Advancements have been made to realize navigational systems that can withstand damage by water or fuel agents.

A motorcycle navigational system should be ergonomic in that, it should not offer much trouble when mounting and while accessing. Furthermore, you should look out for the level of interactivity it offers. Large buttons are used and in some cases, a large display which should be very responsive regardless to a gloved hand.

In case you want to plan your routes prior to riding, a good GPS system should don quality and enough memory space and finally, watch the price tag, buy a system within your budget.

Top manufacturers known to design widely rated and accepted motorcycle navigators are TomTom and Garmin. TomTom’s flagship Rider features a rich navigation system with maps of forty five different countries, is Bluetooth capable, features a waterproof casing which can withstand immersion for a period of half an hour before getting damaged and offers connection to a computer through a USB port. An outstanding feature to save on battery, it synchronizes with the motorcycles ignition system, turns off and on depending on the ignition state.

Garmin Zumo is rated highest by many riders. A navigation system manufactured by Garmin GPS manufacturer. It boasts a large display screen for effective clarity, its sunshine-readable capability makes it perfect for outdoor reading. Furthermore, you can orient it any way you like, vertically or horizontally without compromising visual quality. With Garmin Zumo, you can listen to music as you ride with its MP3 system. Together with the pressure monitor sensor, tyre pressure can be checked.