Physical Or Digital Product?

When a person buys a product it’s usually a physical object. Physical products are made out of different types of materials and they are tangible items that a person can experience with all of their senses. Physical products can be used as tools, consumed as food or to provide a function. The vast majority of goods that are sold in markets are physical products. Digital products are extremely new forms of tangible goods that have a different type of design than a physical product. Digital products can be experienced through a person’s senses with the exception that they cannot be directly touched and they do not have a smell. Digital products are primarily seen, and they do provide sound. Digital products are primarily purchased through the internet or through devices that provide the digital product. Physical software discs could be considered a digital product because the disc is used to contain a program file, but the disc itself is a physical product. Applications or software that are contained on a disc are considered a digital product. Video games, movies, and songs are all digital products.

Physical products require factories and tools to manufacture these goods. They also need materials and substances to build them. Physical products also need physical storage space to keep the goods before they’re transported and sold. Many products require accessories and spare parts. Some physical products such as food require added substances to help preserve their shelf life or to enhance their flavor. Digital products do not require a huge amount of space or equipment to create. As a matter of fact, a network of computers or a single computing unit is all that is needed to create a digital product. Programmers must have the hardware to create an application. They also require other digital products such as software programs that aid them in the process of establishing more digital products.

Digital products don’t need any physical storage space for storage. They must be stored on some physical device to be used. Digital products will not work without some physical hardware device to display images or produce sound. Digital music cannot be heard without the use of a physical device the same as live music. Digital products are new when compared to physical products and many digital products have only been around less than ten years. Modern day physical product designers are working hard to integrate digital capabilities into material based goods. Interactive designers are trying to find new ways to take digital programs and put them to use in our lives without the aid of a computer. Both types of designers are expecting to digitize as many products as they possibly can.

Many designers are creating products that are going to combine digital and physical products in new ways that people can effectively use digitized products. This process has already been used with smartphone and tablet technology, but it’s integrated into cars, appliances and automated homes. Physical products are the foundation of all products but digital products their usefulness and make them more practical for the user.